24-hour chicken manure
drying process;
  Suitable for all types of
layer cages with manure
belt removal;
  No need for pre-drying;
  Can be modulated and
made suitable for poultry
houses of all sizes;
  Prevents ammonia emissions, thus improving environmental conditions in the house as well as bird productivity;
  The entire drying process is automatically managed through software.
  A new and revolutionary chicken manure drying system for caged poultry that dries manure from pullets and layers. It is the most reliable, easiest and economical solution.
  The chicken manure comes from conveyor belt and is then carried inside the drying room to the destributing crab by feeding the conveyor. This device spreads the product evenly all over the drying cell.

Then ventilation system blows the air drawn form the barn for 24 hours through the perforated platform. Afterwards, the chicken manure is transferred to the bottom of the drying cell.

From there, it is gathered by an auger that carries it out towards the storage location. Thanks to this process, the chicken manure is processed into high quality organic fertilizer that ca be kept in a proper storage location for a long time, free of mould and odors.


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