Lowers the quantity of ammonia through the drying process.

Inside the buildings :
Improves the well-being of both birds and personnel. Ammonia reduction can even increase bird productivity and prevent the corrosion of equipment (i.e. cages).

Outside the buildings :
Facilitates future expansion projects. Improves your relationship with neighbors.
  When moisture is removed from manure, flies no longer have a breeding ground. Equipment and eggs are also kept cleaner.

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  Because of its high dry matter content, the end product is stable and can be safely stored for a long period of time. Moreover, it has several potential applications such as conversion into granules, or use as fuel, fertilizer, material for landscaping projects, etc.
  Once dried, the manure contains 80 to 85% dry matter, wich significantly reduces the volume to be handled. From this standpoint, SECONOV's performance is definitely the best.
  No more water to carry! The manure can be transported more easily and more cheaply.

  The system is easy to use. The equipment is made from durable materials and requires very little maintenance.
  The SECONOV drier reuses the energy from the hen house. The technology requires no additional energy sources such as propane, gas, oil or electricity.
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